BSSSC / BALTEX Conference: Adapting to Climate Change - Case Studies from the Baltic Sea Region

Verantwortlicher Ansprechpartner bei RADOST
Grit Martinez

Actions towards establishing sustainable adaptation measures to climate change are currently taking place at various levels. One is the research community at large, where in an increasing manner dedicated projects are being launched to both identify regional and local impacts of climate change and, accordingly, identify suitable adaptation options. Several of these projects are being undertaken in close co-operation with relevant decision makers from various sectors, including policy and economy. Additionally, an increasing number of examples emerge where adaptation to regional climate change has reached the level of practical decision making and innovation.
The key objective of the conference was to give practitioners and decision makers at the regional political level in the Baltic Sea Region a platform to present and discuss concrete examples of regional or local adaptation to climate change.
The conference summarized up-to-date findings on regional climate research and research actions targeted at supporting decision making in the context of regional adaptation to climate change in the Baltic Sea Region.
On the conference website , you can now find the conference presentations as pdf.

In the coming weeks, a conference resumee and photos will be published on the web site.