CIRCLE2 - Conference on European Climate Change Adaptation

Lisbon, Portugal

Background: CIRCLE-2 is a European Network of 34 institutions from 23 countries committed to fund research and share knowledge on climate adaptation and the promotion of long-term cooperation among national and regional climate change programmes. Within the constraints of the conference venue, everyone committed to adaptation research or policy in Europe, including those involved in CIRCLE-2 activities, is welcome to this event. It is the CIRCLE legacy for future research, research funding and research policy on climate change adaptation in Europe.
Objective: To share the results of 10 years of European cooperation in climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation research, and to pave the way for the development of new research in support of climate change adaptation in Europe in the next decade.
Format: The first two days of the three day conference will focus on knowledge sharing and science-practice interactions between junior and senior researchers, policy-makers, research funders and practitioners. Abstracts can be submitted between 25th September and 9th December 2013.
The final day of the conference looks forward, discusses which priorities for national research programmes, Joint Programming Initiatives and Horizon 2020 emanate from salient adaptation policy developments.
Target groups: Junior and senior researchers, policy-makers, funders, practitioners