This international conference is organised by and for young scientists (Master and PhD students, Post-Docs) working in the interdisciplinary field of Earth System research, with Earth System explicitly including societal aspects. You will find the opportunity to present your own research in a non-traditional, interactive and interdisciplinary setting. Additionally, the conference will provide a platform to understand and interpret the different meanings of and approaches to uncertainties in the variety of disciplines in Earth System science. Being targeted especially at a broad range of young researchers, you will have plenty of opportunity to expand your network with fellow early career scientists.
The conference continues the Young Scientists Conference series initiated by the three German Marine and Climate Science Clusters of Excellence in Bremen, Hamburg and Kiel. Unlike the earlier conferences, however, this time we invite all interested young Earth System scientists to join us in Hamburg, extending the three excellence clusters and covering all fields of natural and social scientific research dealing with the Earth System, including its governance and other interactions between the Anthroposphere and the natural environment.