Summer School: Challenges in Changing Coastal Seas

Sylt, Germany
Dr. Ragnhild Asmus
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
+49 4651 956 4308

Coastal seas are highly susceptible to changing environmental conditions and processes. The coasts of the North Sea, Baltic Sea as well as many other coastal areas worldwide will definitely look different in 100 years time, but which scenarios are we expecting? Will the natural processes and dynamics still be maintained or will the human impact dominate the seascape? To assess this we need research in natural and social sciences, including comparative research in coastal habitats of different climates from polar to tropical zones. In the frame of this Summer School we will study and discuss some burning issues of coastal change:

  • Climate change: rising temperature, sea level, CO2 increase and ocean acidification
  • Changing coastal morphology and sediment dynamics
  • Ecological functions under threat:
    • Effects of ocean acidification on biota
    • Infections and resistance
    • Species invasion
    • Changing trophic interactions
    • Changing migration and distribution patterns
    • Accidental and deliberate oil spills
  • Sustainable use of goods and services:
    • Fishery
    • Aquaculture
    • Energy generation
    • Tourism